September 29, 2021

A Valle Vista Wedding Celebration | Natasha & Greg

Goodman Wedding_0146.jpg

Natasha and Gregory are MARRIED! I still remember when Natasha shared that she and Greg were engaged. I immediately texted her with excitement and all the crying-with-joy-heart-face emojis (as one does). We hadn’t met Greg in person yet, but I added in how much I couldn’t wait to meet him, and that he better be a mighty man of God ready to RUN with Natasha!!

And now that I’ve gotten to know him a bit more and see them together, I know that he 100% is. WOW, what a gift these two are to each other and all around them! Their stories — both individually and as a couple — are such an incredible testimony to God’s faithfulness and redemption.

And they don’t just sit quietly on that truth, either. They are both so committed to giving back to all around them! Whether it’s through mentoring kids in school, discipling kindergarteners at church (every kiddo ADORES Miss Natasha!!), serving on Sundays, sharing daily wisdom, or even authoring a book about never giving up and choosing to try again and again for excellence…WOW. I could go on and on!

All this to say, I truly honestly couldn’t imagine a better man for Natasha than Greg. The excitement and joy on their wedding day was just THE best, and I am SO honored they chose me to capture the start of their marriage. Surrounded by their friends and family, mentors and mentees, Natasha and Greg became husband and wife, and it was a CELEBRATION, friends! I’ll never forget the way Greg lost it when Natasha arrived on her carriage…the joy they shared finally being husband and wife…the excitement of their family and close friends…the AMAZING light we lucked out with for their portraits…gah. It was a GOOD day, friends!

Let’s hear it for Mr. and Mrs. Goodman!!! Congratulations, you two!!!

Goodman Wedding_0116.jpgGoodman Wedding_0122.jpgGoodman Wedding_0126.jpgGoodman Wedding_0121.jpgGoodman Wedding_0124.jpgGoodman Wedding_0128.jpgGoodman Wedding_0123.jpgGoodman Wedding_0127.jpgGoodman Wedding_0120.jpgGoodman Wedding_0129.jpgGoodman Wedding_0130.jpgGoodman Wedding_0131.jpgGoodman Wedding_0132.jpgGoodman Wedding_0133.jpgGoodman Wedding_0134.jpgGoodman Wedding_0135.jpgGoodman Wedding_0137.jpgGoodman Wedding_0136.jpgGoodman Wedding_0138.jpgGoodman Wedding_0139.jpgGoodman Wedding_0140.jpgGoodman Wedding_0141.jpgGoodman Wedding_0142.jpgGoodman Wedding_0149.jpgGoodman Wedding_0154.jpgGoodman Wedding_0144.jpgGoodman Wedding_0145.jpgGoodman Wedding_0148.jpgGoodman Wedding_0147.jpgGoodman Wedding_0151.jpgGoodman Wedding_0153.jpgGoodman Wedding_0143.jpgGoodman Wedding_0146.jpgGoodman Wedding_0150.jpgGoodman Wedding_0152.jpgGoodman Wedding_0158.jpgGoodman Wedding_0157.jpgGoodman Wedding_0155.jpgGoodman Wedding_0162.jpgGoodman Wedding_0159.jpgGoodman Wedding_0156.jpgGoodman Wedding_0160.jpgGoodman Wedding_0161.jpg

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