May 24, 2019

Sunrise Engagement Session | Caroline & Grant

Sunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0004.jpg

That LIGHT!!!!!!

Sunrise engagement sessions in the summer are not for the faint of heart…but BOY are they worth it!! Ahh! I was so glad Caroline and Grant were down for an early start to their engagement session last Saturday. I’m always a little nervous to email that suggested start time…after all, sunrise was at 6:27am! Haha!

However, they didn’t question the craziness one minute — even after their flight from Boston was delayed and they only had a few hours of sleep! I kept telling them how no one would EVER guess that they were running on such few hours. Seriously, they had so much energy and JOY and I loved every single second we had together! Caroline has the best style, and she and Grant are just so great together!

Which brings me to the other miracle of this session: we actually had SUN for the sunrise!!! Since Grant and Caroline live out of town, I knew we were going to have to make the day work no matter what weather we had. And, as you well know, Indiana has shared a lot of rain with us lately. But, on the morning of their engagement session, the forecast was absolute perfection. Seriously!! Gorgeous skies, a nice breeze, and the most beautiful sunrise!

All this to say, I am so excited to share another amazing couple with you all today. I’m forever grateful for the relationships this job brings into my life, and I can’t WAIT to celebrate with these two and all their friends and family again down in Bloomington next year! I can already tell how much fun their day is going to be. :)

Enjoy a few of my favorites, friends!!

Sunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0003.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0001.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0002.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0005.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0006.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0008.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0007.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0009.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0010.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0011.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0013.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0014.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0016.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0027.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0017.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0024.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0018.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0019.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0020.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0021.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0022.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0023.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0025.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0015.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0026.jpgSunrise Engagement Session Indianapolis_0028.jpg

Indianapolis, IN

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