November 2, 2018

Locally Grown Gardens Engagement | Mark & Whitney

Locally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0015.jpg

I’m not sure I’ve ever had a *favorite* engagement session…until now. LOL! Don’t get me wrong: I love each and every one of my couples so, so much….but it’s like all the stars collided to create the perfect evening for Mark and Whitney’s fall engagement session this past week!

The sun was shining…the leaves were in FULL autumn color…their outfits were perfect…and to top it all of with a stop at Locally Grown Gardens for pumpkin photos and more?!? It was just so fun!!!

And honestly, as amazing as all of those background items are, what really made this session so great was these two. I had the honor of photographing Whitney’s sister’s wedding last fall (another favorite couple!! Hi, Lauren & Kraig!!), so I already knew just how sweet she and Mark were together. The DeWees girls seriously have hearts of gold…and Whitney so clearly found her match in Mark! I loved the way they held hands even when my camera was down — there is nothing fake or “show-y” about their love, and it’s just so refreshingly¬†real.

Another awesome perk? Whitney said over and over again how much they trusted ME with the locations and photos! I can’t stress enough how much of an awesome thing that is to hear as a photographer. I felt totally free to go for the amazing light and not stress so much about what they were thinking or if they thought the location was odd — because I knew that THEY KNEW I knew what I was doing. Haha!

I’m so excited for these two and the beautiful future ahead of them. Their Columbia Club wedding this June will be absolutely stunning, and I can’t wait to celebrate with them all night long! But until then…enjoy these sneak peeks!!

Locally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0001.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0003.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0004.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0006.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0002.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0005.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0007.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0008.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0009.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0011.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0017.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0012.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0013.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0014.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0027.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0016.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0026.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0010.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0018.jpg

And then we hopped a few blocks down to Locally Grown Gardens, an adorable restaurant/shop in SoBro that Whitney and her sister would visit all the time back in the day! I’ve been wanting to do a session here for ages it seems, and I am SO glad these two were finally up for it! That LIGHT! The PUMPKINS! The COLORS!! Gah. I’m in love.

Locally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0020.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0019.jpg

I mean, I just can’t even. Whitney and Mark absolutely CRUSHED it!!! :) We ended the session with some quick photos inside — loooove all the color and pizzaz of this cute little shop!

Locally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0021.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0022.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0024.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0023.jpgLocally Grown Gardens Engagement Session_0025.jpg

Marott Park | Locally Grown Gardens

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  1. Love everything about this session! I can see what it would be your new favorite!! <3

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