April 9, 2019

Why Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

As a lifestyle newborn photographer in the greater Indianapolis area, I have the joy of capturing the sweetest moments for families all over the city. I truly love this job and can’t begin to describe the honor it is to be invited into my clients’ homes to capture their everyday.

After all, I KNOW how hard it is to imagine doing *anything* those first weeks. The thought of makeup + doing your hair + putting on cute clothes is pretty much the last thing on the radar when you have a newborn…not to mention the worry of planning a session around this tiny new human who has no grasp on the word “schedule” in the least.


I also know how much of a treasure it is to have those memories preserved.

Because a few months from now, when your sweet little one is crawling around and oh-so-curious about the world around them, these photographs will allow you to look back and remember those first days as they were.

You’ll see the room where you paced the floor, rocking your baby in your arms, trying just about anything to get them to sleep. The chair where you read story after story. The floor where they first belly-scooted across, and then crawled, and then took their first step.

These are memories that are, in a word, irreplaceable.

It’s why no two newborn sessions of mine look a like: every home is different.

It’s why I don’t bring props and only suggest the most natural poses: I want to tell your story.

It’s why I’m not stressed when you need to take a nursing break or change a diaper: after all, it’s your home — our time is all about YOU!

Lifestyle newborn sessions allow me to give you the gift of time preserved,¬†and it’s quite simply my favorite.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to share more about my heart for lifestyle newborn sessions that occur in your home, but first, I’d love to hear your questions! Comment below, shoot me a DM or email, or find me on Facebook and let me know: what stops you from thinking you can book a lifestyle session?

And of course, tune in this time next week for the first post covering everything you need to prepare for a successful newborn session at your home (spoiler alert: it’s a lot less than you might imagine!)!

Interested in booking a lifestyle newborn session?

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