May 17, 2019

Greenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | Baby Madeline

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If you saw my insta-story, you know we lost power last night literally *RIGHT* as I was getting ready to publish this post! Gah! Those winds were CRAZY!!! Almost 24 hours later, and our power is still out…but luckily, I’m sitting at my mom’s and taking full advantage of their electricity to share today’s blog with you!

I just LOVED photographing Madeline’s lifestyle newborn session last week. She’s baby #3 for the Mizen crew, and I’ve had the honor of capturing newborn sessions for all three kiddos now (see Landon’s and Kylie’s here!). With three kiddos three and under, Jason and Brooke have their hands *full*, but MAN are their hearts even more full!

Brooke posted the sweetest photo of the three kiddos at the grocery store the day after our session, and I had to share her words here:

“First solo trip with all 3 kids and it went great!! Jason started traveling again this week for work and I have been so nervous about how it would go without that extra set of hands. I may not have the extra space in the cart for groceries, but I’m so blessed to be their mom. I’ve learned just from this morning that God provides us the strength we need no matter where we are in our lives. That has been my prayer lately is for strength to handle 3 kids who are 3 and under. I felt his presence today! I may feel different once bed time routines start (lol), but  one day at a time is my motto lately!”

I loved that so much and wanted to share it here, too. Such a great momma truth for us all to soak in!!

In true third-child-fashion, sweet Madeline slept for almost the entire session, completely unaware of her older siblings’ antics. Enjoy some of my favorites, friends!

Greenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0014.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0020.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0002.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0003.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0018.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0004.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0007.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0006.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0008.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0009.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0010.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0011.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0012.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0016.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0013.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0005.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0015.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0017.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0019.jpgGreenwood Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0021.jpg



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