August 27, 2018

Fishers Newborn Photographer | Baby Simon

I’ve been sitting here for way too many minutes now trying to figure out how to start this post, what to say about these four, or how to explain why these images mean so much….but I just keep falling short. These past few months have held a journey the Laynes never imagined traveling, from the very get-go. I still remember when Emily texted me to share her complete SHOCK at being pregnant again when Graham was only 6 months old. We calculated the months that would separate the two of them, joked around about how close she and James were to having “Irish Twins”, and laughed at how fun it would be for the two of us to be pregnant at the same time for once!

When we had Adam, Emily was the first person outside of Chris and my mom that met him. She showered us with so many snacks and treats those first weeks of life with a toddler + newborn, and even stayed with me for a whole day when I was too nervous to be alone with a babe so, so small. Emily’s always been the kind of friend who goes the extra mile, and everyone who knows her would agree: she and James deserve all the best.

Well, long story way short (you can read more about it on her personal blog, Everything Was Good), sweet Simon surprised everyone by arriving only 2 short months after Adam…a full 13 weeks earlier than expected. Their world was rocked to say the least, but God’s hand has been on Simon since the very beginning. (This instagram post is just one small example!) At only 26 weeks, James and Emily were given a lot of scary statistics and “realities”, but Simon charged through every single one of them. And, the prayers and support and love that poured out for this little family all during this time is just mind-blowing.

All this to say, getting to capture this newborn session (technically occurring still before Simon’s due date!) will forever go down as a favorite in my book. I absolutely love all the sweet moments between Graham and Simon (something I know has made Emily so happy…what a joy to see your oldest fall in love with your littlest, too!), and laughter and joy within the craziness of having two so close together, and the calmness and security you can just tell is surrounding their family as a whole. After way too many months apart, they are finally¬†together.

Sweet Simon, you’ve been born into one of the best families, buddy! I’m so excited to watch you and Graham grow up and do great things, and I can’t wait for all the adventures our FOUR boys are going to have together throughout the years.

Welcome HOME, little man!!

Fishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0025.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0020.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0013.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0019.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0042.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0001.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0002.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0008.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0015.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0041.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0033.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0003.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0004.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0005.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0007.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0038.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0021.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0009.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0010.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0011.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0039.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0012.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0014.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0017.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0022.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0023.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0024.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0026.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0028.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0029.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0044.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0030.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0006.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0031.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0032.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0034.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0035.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0036.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0037.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0040.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0043.jpgFishers Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0047.jpg



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