January 10, 2021

An Exclusive 2021 Wedding Collection

Like the rest of the world, the wedding industry was greatly impacted by the changes brought on thanks to COVID-19. As events were rescheduled and cancelled, a lot of brides began asking questions:

“What if we don’t *want* to wait another year to get married? Do we really need 200 people to celebrate the start of our marriage? Could we plan something on a much smaller scale…but just as special and beautiful as the original celebration we had in mind?”

And, as we saw, the answer was a resounding YES.

Boston Magazine declared it “the era of the Micro Wedding” and Vogue even covered the growing trend of small-scale events that redefined small to not “mean slapdash. Whereas city-hall ceremonies or sudden elopements once carried the connotation of hastily thrown-together affairs, these pandemic-era micro-weddings are anything but.”

It’s true: with a small wedding, you do miss out on the gathering of ALL your favorite friends and family. But when COVID restrictions make that difficult to achieve in the first place…the plus sides of micro weddings truly begin to shine. With a smaller event, you gain an intimacy and familiarity larger celebrations lack, and for some couples, that makes all the difference!

Luckily enough, I wasn’t totally unprepared when my first 2020 micro wedding came around. After all, I had already photographed what essentially was a micro wedding just a few months previously: Meg and Josh’s December elopement.

Their afternoon was the first time I fell in love with a simpler approach to weddings. They toasted to their love at a local restaurant, hopped in an Uber to head downtown for the ceremony, and ended with drinks at a favorite bar with their very best friends.

(see their full blog post HERE)

And now we’re here at the beginning of a new year, and I’ve noticed an interesting trend in my inquiries. Normally, I receive the largest amount of inquiries for the upcoming year around the holiday season. However, this year — the majority of my inquiries are already for 2022! It’s as if brides are skipping right over this next year in the midst of potential uncertainty!

And, while that completely makes sense, it also makes me a little sad for newly-engaged couples who might feel pressured to wait until the “all clear” is given for large events. I know how heartbroken I would have been at the thought of a whole extra YEAR before I could call Chris my husband.

Which is why I am so excited to announce a brand new collection limited just to the upcoming 2021 wedding season: The Micro Wedding Collection.

This collection is perfect for the bride and groom not wanting to wait until large celebrations are up and running again! It’s for couples dreaming of still having those timeless and joy-filled images of their wedding day…without the worries of whether or not their traditional large wedding day will be allowed. With this collection, we’ll capture candids of the ceremony, classic portraits and fun-loving images of the bride and groom, and as many details as are included, too!

A few FAQs:

Q: What is a micro wedding?

A: According to, a micro wedding is “an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests. They still feature time-honored traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale”. In other words, it’s a smaller celebration that still contains traditional moments of the day: a ceremony, unique details, exchanging of rings, decor, and more.

Q: What kind of images can I expect from only 3 hours of coverage?

A: You would be surprised with all we can capture in three hours! This micro wedding had three hours of coverage (and Meg & Josh’s elopement only had two!), yet we were still able to tell a beautiful story with their images. Portraits and ceremony coverage are a must, of course — but from there, it’s up to the couple. Some chose to still do detail photos and minimal “reception” coverage, some opted for more candids and documentary shots of their day! All micro weddings had at least 250 images in their final gallery.

Q: How much is it and what is included??

A: The micro wedding package is $1500, which includes up to 3 hours of wedding coverage on a non-Saturday 2021 date. Before your day, we will meet virtually to talk through your timeline and what images mean the most to you and your partner. After your wedding, you will receive 250+ images via an online gallery along with all printing and downloading rights.

I’m so excited to have a specific collection for this very unique time of life we are in, and I hope it is helpful to several couples this year!

If a micro wedding sounds like something you might be interested, contact me HERE and get in touch! I’d love to talk more with you about making your dreams a reality!





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