April 3, 2019

30A Spring Break 2019

Spring Break 2019_0027.jpg

Whenever we go on a trip, I love sharing about it on the blog here. It’s honestly mostly just for me — being able to look back on some of our favorite adventures and read my thoughts is so fun! Almost like a journal! It’s forever a struggle to actually get out my camera and remember to take photos when I’m on vacation…but it’s 100% worth it whenever I do. I actually debated leaving my camera at home this time, but am so glad I brought it along! This was our SIXTH time visiting the 30A beaches — twice with Chris’s family, once by ourselves for our honeymoon, and now three times with my family. We love the Seaside / Rosemary / Seacrest area so much!

On our way home, Chris and I talked about our Top 10 Replays of the week (in spirit of March Madness, after all!). In no particular order, these were some of our favorites:

  • Ryan + his little foam plane running around the grass in Seaside! Chris surprised him with one, and he was SO excited to have his very own plane!
  • Euchre Night. #honestly #imaginethis
  • Beach time! Chris & Ryan made lots of castles, we searched for shells & dug holes, and Adam ate lots of sand snacks! We had amazing weather during the afternoons the entire week we were there, and it made for some really fun beach days!
  • As always, eating at Great Southern Cafe. Every single year, I look forward to going back…and it NEVER disappoints! Happy hour Mojitos + Grouper a Ya Ya….#yesplease
  • Coffee every morning with my mom, Chris, and whoever else was up at the ungodly hour Adam started the day. There’s just something about coffee + beaches that just feels right. At home, I’m normally drinking coffee to find enough energy to get all the things done. So, it was a nice switch to be able to just drink coffee for enjoyment! Not having to race through the to-do lists of the days and go over appointments is one of my favorite things about vacation!
  • Walks with Ry to hunt for lizards! We *finally* found one, and he loved it! Proudly proclaimed that we saw a “chameleon” when we got back to the house….haha!
  • The porch swing hammock chairs!!! Our house was seriously AMAZING, but the screened in front porch was one of my favorite perks. I loved reading on these with an iced coffee during naptime or snuggling with a blanket + kiddo in the chilly morning.
  • Themed dinners!!! Burgers + Hot Dogs, Steak & Shrimp, Taco Night, and more! We only went out to eat twice the whole week, and the rest of the time we split dinner duty. Loved this so much!
  • Singing the Chris Orndorff original, “We’re Going to the Beach”, over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. (We’re going to the beach! We’re going to the beach! What are we gonna see? What are we gonna see? We’re gonna see a ______! We’re gonna see a _____! What are we gonna see? We’re gonna see a ______!”) Ryan was a big fan of filling in the blank with miscellaneous ocean animals, and it killed at least an hour in the car both ways. Ha!
  • Adam in his little green camper chair + tray with ALLL the snacks for every beach day! He looked so stinking cute in that thing, and I’ll never forget it! <3
  • And a bonus one: devouring a maple bacon donut from The Donut Hut because #tradition.

Enjoy a peek into some of our time!

Spring Break 2019_0030.jpgSpring Break 2019_0038.jpgSpring Break 2019_0032.jpgSpring Break 2019_0048.jpgSpring Break 2019_0031.jpgSpring Break 2019_0033.jpgSpring Break 2019_0047.jpgJust missing Jon!!Spring Break 2019_0042.jpgSpring Break 2019_0049.jpgSpring Break 2019_0040.jpgSpring Break 2019_0034.jpgSpring Break 2019_0035.jpgSpring Break 2019_0037.jpgSpring Break 2019_0043.jpgSpring Break 2019_0036.jpgSpring Break 2019_0039.jpgSpring Break 2019_0041.jpgSpring Break 2019_0050.jpgRyan loved to eat his afternoon snack right in this spot. <3 Spring Break 2019_0044.jpgSpring Break 2019_0045.jpgSpring Break 2019_0046.jpgLoved getting to take some quick senior photos for my brother and his best friends on the beach!Spring Break 2019_0028.jpg…Ryan wanted his turn, too. ;)Spring Break 2019_0055.jpgSpring Break 2019_0052.jpgSpring Break 2019_0053.jpgSpring Break 2019_0054.jpgSpring Break 2019_0056.jpg

And, a few iPhone favorites, too! We stopped at Cracker Barrel on the way down and had so much fun with the boys.
By the time we finally made it to the beach, the sun was setting…and we thought our beach access was CLOSED. We knew we couldn’t go to bed without seeing the water though, so we snuck through someone else’s condo beach access to snap a quick pic and feel the sand in our toes! The only two photos Chris and I have together…oops! 

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