December 13, 2022

2022 Sami Renee Families | Lifestyle Family Photography

Prepare yourself: pour the coffee, grab a Christmas cookie (because, well, they just taste better in the morning…right??), and prepare to smile at your screen, because the 2022 family sessions are on the blog!

Oh my goodness, I can’t explain how much joy putting together this post brought me. I’m really truly hoping I got everyone — but gah, this all just makes me so thrilled!

After all, I’ve been a primarily wedding-focused photographer for almost ten years now (and the 2022 wedding recap is coming later this week!)! However, as I’ve added more lifestyle newborn work in the past few years in anticipation of entering the elementary-school-mom-years (and in obsession with all things baby and motherhood…:) ), I found myself running into a new scheduling problem.

I wanted to photograph my families after the newborn session, too!!!

I didn’t want to just capture their newborn days…I wanted to watch them grow. I wanted to catch up and hear the stories and see the growth and laugh at the jokes and more! After all, while lifestyle newborn sessions are definitely the heartbeat of my business, FAMILY is what it’s always been about.

ENTER: Seasonal Mini Sessions!

While there are a few full sessions sprinkled throughout this post, the majority of my families were served via mini sessions this past year! These have been the perfect solution to working with as many of my people as I can without overtaking my schedule – something every small business owner + photographer struggles with! And, I was even able to meet several new families during minis this year, too!

And let me tell you a secret: my minis are a bit different than most! I offer a longer time period AND no image cap, which means all the laughter and silliness (and occasional tears!) is still captured and documented! I love them so, so much!

Thank you, thank you for trusting me with your families. For choosing to work with me and giving me a glimpse of the life and love and laughter and chaos that is your family. I’m so glad to know each one of you – so honored to tell your story – so thankful to be part of recording your legacy. This season matters — and sometimes, it just takes the effort to slow down and spend some time with nothing to do but be with the ones you love to remember. :)

Oh, and PS: you’re going to see all the seasons in this post, because this year was full of mini options! Summer minis, creek minis, fall minis galore! Enjoy, friends!!!!

Indianapolis, IN Lifestyle Family Photographer

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